Knife New Arrival Car Cigarette Lighter Socket DC 12VDual USB Charger Power Adapter Outlet Fe7 - 50amp

KWOKKER 12V 24V Dual USB Motorcycle Cigarette Lighter Car Charger Socket Charger + LED Digital Voltmeter Meter Monitor

usb electronic flameless lighter, 50amp

Ac Plug Au

:black,white. Head diameter : Car-mounted charger : 50000. 3*3*3cm. 30 hours & up. Shock resistant. Wholesale car kit wireless bluetooth hands free mp3. Wholesale auto usb. Dual usb car cigarette lighter 1a50701. Renault nissan. Wholesale car single charger. 

3 Hole Panel

Led charging blue light: Usb mini. Focus-year: Motorcycle  usb phone charger. Led dual usb charger & socket power outlet accessories. Auto accessorie. Lighter extension cable: Wholesale cigarette lighter motorcycle. Rd-qcdyqdybc11. Plastic+copper. Fm frequency range: 

Mount Usb Auto

Output voltage: dc 5v,input voltage: dc 12-24v. Safe package. 4 usb ports charging socket. Cigarette car 2.5a. Suitable for voltage: 6v-28v. Smart temperature detect switch. Car socket. Multi socket plug. Fm frequency range: : Effect: As description. 

V 12 Car

Over current, overload. Stone necklace. Dual usb,save charging time,blutooth. Dc 5v-max 5.4v /1000ma. 1987-1992. Scooter cross. 12v usb plug dual. Other. Handlebar phone. Panel usb waterproof. Boat marine battery isolator switch. Mount bracket: 4n1187_20. Bc12f. Plastic and mental. 3.1cm. 27.5g. 12020047001. Iso9000. 50cm app.. 

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A “Hoichi the Earless” piece I doodled today during class.


Silence is what sets this film out from others and its particularly so with someone who is deaf. While we always had a deaf character in the script, it was who John really pushed for them to hire Millicent. She came to set and taught everyone sign language. It was really amazing and brought an extra depth to the film.

A Quiet Place (2018), dir. John Krasinski



Art by Junji Ito