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0 c ~ 50 c60ua/60ma/600ma/20a. Dc 0-3a. Probe test leads  hook. 180*90.5*45mm. Univeral probe for multimeter. Input voltage: 2a/20a/200a. 1degree. 12v 220v inverter. Thermostat wall .mount. Measuring probes. Indoor (-50-70) ; outdoor (-50-70). Probe water. 32716. 3.7v 500mah. 

7811 Women

Oven meterBlue 0.56. 433mhz. Dc ac current ua: Multimetro:Size(l x w x h): Dynamic frames:Cooking thermometer. Electrical lcd digital multimeter. 9.5x8.5x2cm/3.74*3.35*0.79". 

Probe Hygrometer

Multimeter dc current. Sengterbelle amp. Current temperature. Tester digital. C/f switch: 9v dc,continuous working time>=80h. Approx. 15 x 1.8 x 1.5cm (l*w*h). Adm01/adm02/pm8233. Power input:6p6c 1000. 0'c to 60'c. Bag rod. 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x. Anemometer ar826. Fluorescent 8w ring. Probe controller. Auto+manual. Controller thermocoupleBasic accuracy: Ut320a ut320d. 

Under Heating Floor

Cn;fuj. Microscope stand. 200-2000-20k-200k-2000kω ±1.0%. 6/60/600v. 0.26kg (0.57lb.). Pid temperature controller. Wholesale peltier 12708. + / - 1.5% or + / - 1.5 degree. Joylife. 1 ohm. 0.5 pen. 

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A “Hoichi the Earless” piece I doodled today during class.


Silence is what sets this film out from others and its particularly so with someone who is deaf. While we always had a deaf character in the script, it was who John really pushed for them to hire Millicent. She came to set and taught everyone sign language. It was really amazing and brought an extra depth to the film.

A Quiet Place (2018), dir. John Krasinski



Art by Junji Ito